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Using fresh ingredients of Izu, please enjoy the St-tropez proud of cuisine.
For bread and dessert you can enjoy home-made baking.

  • Welcome dessert

    When you arrive at the hotel you will be greeted with a welcome dessert.
    Please heal the tiredness of the journey with st. St-tropez homemade dessert.
    ※The content varies from day to day.The picture is "homemade coffee jelly"
  • Dinner

    Please enjoy the fresh and rich ingredients of Izu and the seasonal ingredients that feel the season at the European-style full course.
    The passion to handmade from Fondo Bos which is the source of cooking is St-tropez's dish.

    Dinner course

    One day's menu

    ·Hors d'oeuvre(Local fish carpaccio)
    ·Homemade roast baking pan
    ·Seasonal soup
    ·Fish dish (Ise shrimp spice-baked with phytocene)
    ·Seasonal Sorbet
    ·Meat Dish(Beef fillet steak)
    ·Seasonal dessert platter
    ·CoffeeorBlack tea

    ※Food ingredients vary depending on the season
  • Homemade roast baking pan

    Homemade baked bread, homemade pie (for limited time), dessert
    Start preparing according to the time you want to put out, and we are preparing freshly made.
  • Homemade dessert

  • Dining

    Dinner time which can not be tasted in urban restaurants.
    Enjoy conversation in a relaxed time,
    Please eat pleasantly the impression filled in one dish to your heart 's content.
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast was relaxing in the room ...Along with a refreshing wind and beautiful scenery.
    Please enjoy a different elegant breakfast than usual.

    American breakfast

    One day's menu

    ·Consonation tailored poached eggs
    ·Hand made bread
    ·CoffeeorBlack tea

    ※Food ingredients vary depending on the season

    ※Breakfast will be in your room
  • drink

    Various drinks and sake are available.
    There is also St-tropez homemade fruit liquor which can be tasted only here.

    Homemade fruit wine, Each 600 yen
    How about a homemade fruit wine to accompany the dish?
    St-tropez toast with St-tropez original cocktail.

    Various wines are also available.