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Surrounding tourism

  • Surrounding tourism

    • Mount Omuro

      It is a grass mountain like a bowl faced down, with an altitude of 581 m.Izukogen a symbolic existence of Izukogen.
      You can climb the mountaintop with a lift and from the summit you can enjoy 360 degree large panorama including Amagi Mountains, Izu Shichito Islands and Mount Fuji.
      On the second Sunday in February, Yama-yaki is done and all the mountains are covered with fire.
    • Sakura-no-Sato

      Cherry blossom festival where about 40 kinds of 3,000 cherry trees are planted over the Mount Omuro’s western foothill, 40,000 square meters in area.
      Various kinds of cherry blossoms such as Suzuki Autumnalis, Kanzakura Suzuki Autumnalis, Yoshino cherry blossoms cherry blossoms are blooming in succession of the seasons, and it is a cherry blossoming spot where you can see cherry blossoms from mid September to May next year.
    • Jogasaki Coast

      Rias Coastline over 10 km, where the end of the lava flowed out by the eruption of Mount Omuro Mount Amagi became a beautiful cliff.
      Along the coast there are walking paths such as "Jogasaki Picnic Course" and "Jogasaki Shizen Kenkyuro Walking Course", so you can enjoy a spectacular view by walking.
    • Ippekiko Lake

      It is a 4 km lake called "Izu no Hitomi", a cherry blossom in the spring, green in the summer, autumnal leaves shine in autumn, and the appearance of the Amagi Mountains on the lake is also a splendid shooting spot.
      You can also enjoy boating and fishing, and on the south shore there is a Kahi by Yosano Tekkan and Akiko.
    • Izu Shaboten Koen Park

      All weather type park spreading at the foot of Mount Omuro.
      There are 200,000 square meters in the park, 1,500 kinds of cactus in the world, 100 animals and animals and plants parks.
    • Izuki Teddy Bear Museum

      We collect and display teddy bear from all over the world.
      Teddy Girl also appear in the Guinness Book of Records of Guinness Book of Records.